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      Benzoic acid
    About Us
    Jalor-chem co ltd is a RD based company which specializing in custom synthesis, molecule design and market. All of our staffs has working experience in big institute or pharmaceuticals company. Thanks to our strong team, we have successfully synthesized lots of complicated compounds, and now we are becoming a very strong force in chemistry field.

    We have broad experience in the synthesis of intermediate,buliding blocks and research chemicals.Due to our
    Quality product,on-time delivery,and competitve price,we have establish cooperation with much big companys,
    Such as Roche,Merck,Boehringer Ingelheim,Apotex etc.

    Our mainly products include pyridine series ,indole series, imidazole series,thietan series,,oxetance Series and so on. We have a state-of-art RD and pilot plant in Changzhou science and education town, and has two cooperated factories in yancheng, so we can provide compounds from gram to hundred kilograms.

    Jalor-chem is sentitive to your inquiry and will response to you promptly.You can use our serch engine or leave a message below product.Any interest in our product,please feel free to contact us.

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