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RDJ Consultants remain committed to Europe - grant funding continues to be available to the UK

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RDJ Consultants are Independent, Freelance Consultants, from across Europe. A broad-based Consultancy Network, drawing upon the skills and experience of a very wide range of Consultants. With more than 14 languages, we enable clients to access European EU and National funding and we assist the development and management of projects.

With offices in Brussels, Cambridge, Dublin and Paris, RDJ Consultants is a network of over 20 Consultants and Associates, who are recognised as experts in their fields.

RDJ Consultants has a significant track record for successful applications to a number of EU programmes, European Structural Funds and National Government programmes.

Horizon 2020

Research organisations and companies can access a significant budget through Horizon 2020. Our expert consultants specialise in supporting our clients with this Brussels-managed Research and Innovation EU Framework Programme 2014-20.

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About Us

Grant experts: RDJ Consultants specialise in Funding, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Crowdfunding, Feasibility Studies and Fundraising. Our teams of consultants deliver the highest quality customer-focused solutions based on specialist knowledge and expertise.

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Our Associates

Network: RDJ Consultants are Independent, Freelance Consultants, from across Europe. A broad-based Consultancy Network, drawing upon the skills and experience of a very wide range of Consultants, with more than 14 languages

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Our Specialist Teams have significant experience of EU and other funds, as well as in providing advice on technical and financial implementation of EU environmental legislation, e.g.:

ADA-ADC; APCAV; Calouste Gulbenkian; Canadian Government funding; Charities and Trusts; CIDA; CIP; CleanTech; Cohesion Fund; Comenius; Comic Relief; Community Energy Scotland; Competitiveness and Innovation; DANIDA; DfID; EBAN; EBRD; Eco-Innovation; e-Content plus; EEE-F; EIP; ENPI; EPSON; Era-Net; EraSME; Erasmus Mundus; ERDF (European Regional Development Fund); EuropeAID; European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development (EAFRD); European Integration Fund; European Social Fund (ESF) & Co-financing; EUREKA; Eurostars; Flexible Support Fund; Floating Support; Framework Programme; FP7; Grants; Grundtvig; GTZ-KfW; H2020; Horizon 2020; IAPP; ICT-PSP; IEE; Inforegio; Information Society; Innova; INTERREG; JCP/ DWP; Jean Monnet; Knowledge Transfer Partnerships; Leonardo Da Vinci; LIFE+; Lifelong Learning Programme; LLP; Lottery; LSC Co-financing; Marco Polo; Marie Curie Industry Pathway; Marie Curie ITN; Media Mundus; Neighbourhood Renewal Fund; NESTA; New Deal for Communities; NGfL; NGOs; NOF; Pos-Cce; Pos-Dru; PRINCE; Private donor and foundations funding; RDA Single Pot; RDPE/Leader; REEEP; Regional Growth Fund; Regional Challenge; Rural Challenge; SBRI programme; SIDA; Skills Funding Agency; SMART; Socrates; SRB; STEER; Structural Funds; Swedish Government funding; TEN-E; TSB; UK Broadband Fund; UNDP; UNHCR; UNICEF; USAID; USTDA; Working Neighbourhood Fund; World Bank.

Horizon 2020 funding is available for these categories: 2. FET /  3. MARIE CURIE /  4. RESEARCH /  5i. ICT /  5ii. TECHNOLOGIES /  5iii. SPACE /  6. ACCESS TO RISK FINANCE: /  7. INNOVATION IN SMEs /  8. HEALTH /  9. FOOD /  10. GREEN ENERGY /  11. GREEN TRANSPORT /  12. CLIMATE /  13. REFLECTIVE SOCIETIES /  14. SECURE SOCIETIES /  16. SCIENCE WITH AND FOR SOCIETY /  17. CROSS-CUT ACTIVITIES /  18. INNOVATION PILOT

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